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September 07, 2012


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Cecile Vinh

can you please share this oh so easy recipe of yours please???

Jen L.

Hit the word recipe in the post and it takes you right to it! We try to give traffic to the creators of the stuff we find. Enjoy!

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Ok, so I touched the word "recipe" and it says it can not take me there via this web site! Help


It won't let me access the recipe either! It sounds delicious though!


Never mind, I got it. Just click on the picture of the brownies!! Thank you!


I made these last week, I brought them in to work and everyone LOVED them including MY FAMILY!! I even had a co-worker say "give me that recipe!" LOVE LOVE LOVE!!


Do you use brownie mix and strawberry cake mix or just tje cake mix?

Robin Barnes

I love these blogs but it is so complicated to find the recipes. Please help me!

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