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September 07, 2012


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Maura, we JUST started ordering from Omaha Steaks because of the online coupons, and are kind of addicted to it now. I love the potatoes too, and the burgers really are delicious. The filets cooked on the grill are the best i've ever eaten, and honestly, I usually remove the bacon anyway. I definitely think it's worth it, and it's really not that much more expensive than how we usually buy our meat in the store (actually, it's probably cheaper). Recommend highly!


My future father in law has been getting these steaks for quite a while and I have to say, I really like them. Probably the only ones I don't need some sort of sauce to dip in.

I think it's just the basic steaks (no bacon) but well worth it.


I think it depends; when I lived in the middle of nowhere, the Omaha steaks were a much better quality than anything I could get locally/Wal-Mart. Those stuffed potatoes are delicious, even if (or because?) they are so fattening! :) One time my SIL sent us a gift of Omaha stuff, which included a small cake for my husband's birthday. It's a nice way to send food to people -- I have sent them as "care packages" and they are always well-received. I prefer now to buy my own steaks fresh, but Omaha Steaks definitely can serve a need/market.


My mother bought some from a coupon deal. And while they were good, Omaha Steaks called her EVERY SINGLE DAY about "new, phone only specials." they were pretty annoying. She bought more just to keep them from calling. She got pre portioned chicken for nights she's too busy to really cook. They seem to be a hit.

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