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January 31, 2013


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I'll miss reading about some of our adventures on here. :( But I'm sure you all will go on to do great things!

Tara C.

I love sugar cookie bars! They have become a birthday/holiday staple around here. I made a version with green frosting and candy pumpkins for my son's birthday near Halloween (check them out here: http://www.musicalsoupeaters.com/?p=948). I'll sure miss your posts, Caitlin!


SUGAR COOKIE BARS! (And you've just reminded me that I need to start making some and eating them and then making some more for Valentine's day.)

I've always loved your posts here. Thank you!

Duncan Hannah


I'm going to miss reading you here but I'm glad you've had the chance to do this. I know you love to write and writing about food is, well, perfect!

Congratulations on doing something you love!

Love, Dad


Mmmm, I've made other kinds of cookie bars, but never sugar cookie! Those look delicious.

Jen L.

Sweet Caitlin, I LOVE your posts. Love them. I will miss reading your writing here. Thanks for all the heartfelt, funny, delicious posts over the years. Take care! (OMG I just saw your dad's comment and cried like a freak!)

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