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November 29, 2012


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Airlie Henrich

I loved this review! However, Guy's new restaurant is in the middle Times Square and seats hundreds of people, which makes it the poster child for mediocrity. Times Square is where good food goes to die. Pete Wells could only expect so much from this place.


I am of two minds of this. I loved the review but yeah it is a little bit like reviewing the Times Square TGIFriday's and being shocked that the food was mediocre. Guy's restaurant is designed to appeal to a certain segment of consumers and I am sure it will do just fine much like the many other chain restaurants. And yes, Guy is a caricature and makes his living being OVER THE TOP. That video clip was hysterical!

But I feel Peter Wells on his disappointment and irritation. Cold food or that that never arrives drives me bonkers.


You mean you don't wear your sunglasses on the back of your head?!

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