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February 01, 2013


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I still do the vinegar on the berries every time I buy them!

I'm sad to see Food Lush closing. It's always been so great.


I honestly couldn't choose a favorite because I have found many great recipes and tips, but I always remember a cheesy spaghetti squash recipe because it was delicious and made me see how easy spaghetti squash is. As a matter of fact, it is on my pinterest board and I am going to make it again soon now.

Thank you for an awesome site!!
Champagne toast to you!!

Jen L.

The berry tip literally changed my life. It's so hard to pick one favorite, or even a handfull of favorites. I always really enjoyed the reader help posts. They were such a great reminder of our fantastic community here. I will still visit the site very regularly--so much good stuff to be found!
Adieu, Food Lush. Thanks for being my happy place!

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They were such a great reminder of our fantastic community here.

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