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November 02, 2012


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I made tofu stir fry last night. Just a block of tofu, some frozen vegetables from my local co-op, and teriyaki sauce. Delicious!

Kelly P

Every day for lunch I have a different soup made from scratch. This week it's vegetable, but I'm looking forward to next week's soup already: brocolli, cheese and potato. I'd love a new tool to help me continue my journey towards eating more 'real' foods. Thanks for the giveaway!


Chicken stir fry last night! We love it.

Christy M

Stir fry or grilled chicken and veggies are my favorites.


Made salmon and roasted veggies last weekend. I so need something to help me eat better during the week


I'm on a homemade soup kick. This week I'm trying a different tomato soup.


Salad with chicken on it is the last one I made. It was okay, but I think I need this book! My salad seems dull! I'm sure I could do better with some help.


Asian style lettuce wraps- lots of fresh veggies, chicken or tofu, and a light splash of sesame ginger dressing wrapped in Bibb lettuce


Goodness, I wish I could remember my last healthy meal! I've totally fallen off the wagon. I guess turkey tacos would be the last one. I could really use this book!!


My eldest has digestive issues, and my two youngest are lactose intolerant, so I have had to up my game in regards to making food from scratch. There is hidden dairy in everything!!!! Last night was turkey meatloaf and mashed potatoes made with broth instead of milk. Now, with school in session and dance classes and all that crazy mom stuff combined with all my college classes, there is little time for time consuming recipes! This book sounds amazing. I may have to put it on my christmas list if random.org isn't my friend!


My favorite healthy meal is black bean tacos.

Dee Worley

I'm on a cabbage kick! Cooked cabbage makes a great lunch with some added protein--kielbasa or hot dogs added to it is great. Fried cabbage is also a healthy filling meal, and coleslaw is great with just about anything! Tonight I fixed turnip greens and had pears for desert. As a celiac with multiple allergies (dairy, soy, peanuts, tomatoes and eggs) most of what is left for me is protein, fruit and veggies-- living healthy!

Kayla B.

This week I made Melissa Clark's beet and cabbage borscht... twice.


I made a chicken tortilla soup on Friday. Loaded with fresh veggies and chicken!


Chicken tortilla soup! Yum!


Black beans with quinoa or brown rice.

Nick Haglund

Tortilla soup - Would love to get my husband off the processed foods!


Had tempeh and sprouts yesterday - yum.


Our last truly healthy meal was last week when we had salmon and broccoli and pasta. Okay, so the pasta wasn't the healthiest, but the salmon and the broccoli helped immensely!

Alice Arterburn

Chicken tortilla soup. YUM!

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