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August 03, 2012


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I had NO IDEA of this soup eating etiquette and had to look it up to find out what you were talking about. So I guess I would say that I have never followed this etiquette but find it very interesting. Maybe I'll try to do this from now on (but will most likely forget).


I seriously had no idea I was supposed to be doing this.

Tara C.

I didn't know that either! I'm sure I'm breaking rules left and right.

I have been having a lot of trouble getting my 8-year-old son to use utensils. I feel like I am constantly nagging him to USE A FORK SPAGHETTI IS NOT FINGER FOOD. Geez.


I knew this rule, but I've also never been able to follow it. So awkward!


Uh, I will have trouble following this rule for sure, now that I know that it's a rule. Eeks.

The ladies I had tea with in December could tell you that I do NOT have tea manners. TEA ALL OVER THE TABLE AND HOT DRINK SLURPING!!!

I think that I do OK, but that's because I have stupid rules to help me: "Outside In" to remember what fork to use, and "b" and "d" to remember which bread is yours, and which drink. I DO have trouble remembering to put a pat of butter on my plate to butter my rolls, and instead just reach into the main butter dish every time I need more. So, "sorry" to anyone whom I dine with.

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