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June 15, 2012


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Tara C.

Brilliant. I need to try this as soon as possible.


Is it a 1 to 1 replacement? Do you have recipe recommendation? I don't really like chocolate chip cookies but I do like a good soft cookie and soft batch..forget about it! :)


Thanks for the link back, and I'm happy you liked the cookies!


Hadn't heard the cornstarch, but I use a package of Instant Pudding (sugar-free or regular) and they are fluffy and so delicious!


do you still put baking soda in the cookie? Have you ever left the baking powder in the recipe and go ahead and add in the cornstarch?


All of the chocolate chip cookie recipes I have call for baking soda, not powder. Can I replace the soda with cornstarch? Also, can you recommend a recipe where this substitution works well?

Jen L.

Ive only used the recipe linked at the end of the list (Kirbie) and it calls for both cornstarch and soda.
I wonder if theyd be as fluffy without soda?
If you try it, report back!

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Am I missing the recipe?

Jen L.

Hit the link to Kirbies site at the end of the post!

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I used the recipe off the back of the Ghirardelli chocolate chip bag and just added 2 tsp. of cornstarch. They looked the same as without the cornstarch, but were definitely a little softer. Yum!


If you aren't sure how to substitute the cornstarch into your recipe, you can replace regular flour with cake flour. It'll do the same thing. Cornstarch helps increase hydration in your flour, making the cookies soft and fluffy; cake flour's composition is made up of damaged gluten so that starches aren't broken down so easily, which absorbs liquid as well!

deb g.

I followed the Kirbie recipe, and my cookies are soft, but not even remotely fluffy. Any ideas?


When you said you can substitute cornstarch for baking powder, did you

mean baking soda? My recipe calls for baking SODA not POWDER.

shox r4

They looked the same as without the cornstarch, but were definitely a little softer. Yum!


These cookies tasted off. They were disappointing. I went by the exact recipe. I don't recommend them.

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