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May 02, 2012


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carrie @plums in the icebox

i came across this on one of my FAVE food blogs, apron strings. i don't know if every new mom is into tofu, but maybe a good option for vegetarian moms.



If they are planning to breastfeed, mild, simple dishes! And be clear on the ingredients! I would avoid spicy stuff especially. When we were still getting the hang of breastfeeding (and of dealing with a scream-y baby) I was terrified to eat anything that might upset his tummy (turns out he was kind of scream-y in general and it didn't matter what I ate, ha. But it was helpful to be able to eliminate certain foods and know for sure exactly what I ate.) We got a lot of mexican casseroles and breakfast casseroles with spicy sausage that I was too afraid to eat. They still came in handy because my husband could eat them, but you know.

Someone sent us an edible arrangement and I loved that! It was so nice to have fresh fruit already cut up and ready for healthy snacking. Also snacks that can be held in one hand were awesome for eating and nursing at the same time. I think I lived on granola bars for a while there.


I always take everything over as separate as possible because I have a very picky eater for a husband. So if I take a salad, I take little baggies filled with each separate thing and let them assemble as they like.

I also second the bring prepared food recommendation. I had someone bring me a box of uncooked pasta and someone else bring me a frozen garlic bread. Which was still nice of them, but I didn't have the energy to cook.

Also, with the picky husband, I was absolutely delighted to get take out. We got a couple of deli rotisserie chickens and one of my friends ordered from our favorite Mexican restaurant for us. We would have been thrilled with a delivery pizza or a deli tray too.

If they have older children, I also take over a couple of those lunchable meals. I figure that will cover a picky child for dinner or a non-picky child for a future snack or meal.


I also bring a bottle of wine, for when they can partake. 9 months of not being able to have it!


We always made fun of Edible Arrangements, but when someone brought us one after my son was born, it was seriously the best thing ever (after the sushi and champagne I had brought to me in the hospital). You don't necessarily need to spend the dough on something fancy, but YES to the fresh fruits and veggies. Yes yes yes.


Someone brought me a sandwich tray from a local deli. It fed me lunch for a week and I likely wouldn't have eaten lunch that first week otherwise.


I'm a bit lazy. I get gift cards and menus from places that deliver or have curbside service. That way, they get what they want and don't have any prep or clean up.

Jen L.

I would like Elisabeth to bring me the brownies. I mean, not enough to have another baby for it, but still.

Here in the south, take-out fried chicken is always a winner!


These are some great suggestions! Have you ever heard or or used www.takethemameal.com before? It's a super easy to use, free website that takes all of the back and forth out of coordinating meals for new moms or anyone in need. It's a fantastic resource!

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