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April 20, 2012


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Thank you for trying it! I saw this infomercial for the first time the other day and I was so curious!


YES! One of our local television stations had this on their "Deal or Dud" segment; it was pronounced a deal!


this pan is NO different from any other pan!!!!! i seasoned the pan like it said to do and all. and everything still stuck to it. so now i have just another frying.


This pan is not worth the mony we paid
for it !!!! After one month I threw it
away sticking like the others!!!


I don't have one but I have found that most people use too high of setting to fry eggs and a lot of other things--I say turn the heat down some for better results, you cannot rush cooking and expect great results.

Catherine OConnell

This is another media hype push onto innocent consumers. This pan STINKS! Everything sticks! Coating it with oil, butter, nothing, whatever, nothing prevents the food from sticking. It's money wasted to purchase one of these.


here is how they faked the "rock test".. the "rock" is actually a mineral called talc, it almost 3 times weaker than your finger nail..

Terry Latschar

Yes, this pan works exactly like they show on tv for about 2 months. Then it sticks just like all the other pans stick in time. Very frustrating! I called the Orgreenic website and was informed that it's only guaranteed for 60 days. However, if I would ship it back to them (Postage paid by me) and send along a $7.00 money order to cover shipping back to me, then they would send me another pan. Same pan which I now know sticks! I might be stupid once, but not going there again! Very disappointed.

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