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September 21, 2011


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I'm often embarrassed by some of the normal foods I don't like. I hate tomatoes. I don't want them on my food. But I love tomato sauces, soups, salsas. So I don't want them to cease to exist. I just can't eat them in their regular form. I also hate all bell and spicy peppers and all forms of mushrooms and anything with a vinegar taste. But I still maintain that I'm doing better than my husband who hates cheese. Cheese!

There's a lot more that I don't like, but those are the things that seem to get in the way the most.


My big No Way In Hell foods: mushrooms, beans, olives, and seafood. Other than that, I like pretty much anything :)


GAH. I am also picky, the list includes:

pork (but bacon is totally acceptable)
most kinds of seafood/fish
chunky onions
pretty much any kind of sausage
almonds and walnuts

I'm not as finicky as my mom though, so there's something. I do try things again and again just to make sure that I still don't like them. Pecans (especially candied pecans) were a recent "thought I hated it but now I don't" discovery. Yum.


Mushrooms, olives, beets and bivalves other than scallops.


I am totally with you on mayo, sour cream, and ranch anything (including Cool Ranch Doritos -- hurl). Sushi grosses me out, because I hate the texture of raw fish, but I also hate seaweed wraps, which kind of limits the options. Oh, and beets. Hate beets. Otherwise? Not too picky.


No tomatoes for me either, but I also will eat them IN things, like soup, chili, pasta sauce, etc. I will not eat mushrooms or green peppers. And fennel! Why does everyone love fennel lately? It's disgusting!


Cereal. Not at all, not ever, not even in cookies or so forth.
And most fish.

Dawn K.

Mayo, Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, Ranch, Cottage Cheese, Whip Cream, Mousse, Pudding,
Olives, Mustard, Potato salad (due to either the mustard or mayo).

Most everyone goes through shock after discovering my hatred for the first 8 items on that list (especially whip cream). I grew up VERY picky, but have expanded my palate by leaps and bounds-I'm almost always willing to try something new these days!


I'm with you on the condiment thing -- I hate mayo, relish, mustard, vinegar...I don't eat salad (hate salad dressings too). If my husband is eating something with these things, I have to plug my nose or walk away. Ugh.

Can't stand parmesan/romano/asiago..even provolone is a bit much for me sometimes.

Sauerkraut, sour cream (I sub plain yogurt if a recipe calls for sour cream), potato salad, coleslaw...no way.


I'll eat almost anything, but I absolutely can't stand olives, beets (taste like dirt, IMO), green beans, or jalapenos. But the thing that takes most people by surprise is that I don't like milk. Of course I put it in recipes and pour it over my cereal, but I won't just drink it out of a glass unless it's chocolate-flavored.

My husband hates pretty much all vegetables, but loves vegetable soup. Weirdo.


We may be kindred spirits. Among the things I don't like are...

red meat, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, unmelted cheese, all fresh fruit, except sometimes maybe apples (and I don't even REALLY like those), mayonnaise, sour cream, cream cheese, pumpkin stuff, avocado/guacamole, cucumber, pickles, olives...

I can't even finish the list.


Oh, and I forgot sushi - it is mostly because of the texture of raw fish (see also mushrooms, olives and bi-valves), but also because nori and I do NOT get along. AT ALL.

Meredith K A

I can't imagine not loving creamy things. I pretty much love anything where a milk product is the basis. I envy your waistline and ability to not only resist, but not even want, my biggest weakness!

Anyhoo, I do have a really common food that I hate: pickles. Can't stand them. I've tried and tried, but they just taste awful to me. I also never learned to like cooked carrots. And finally, straying from food into beverages, I hate the taste and feel of soda and carbonated beverages of all kinds. Party punch with a wee bit of fizz from sparkling wine and/or clear soda is sometimes tastey, but beyond that? Yuck!


I don't like ANY SEAFOOD. None. This is where people stand agape and ask things like "not even SHRIMP?" No, not even shrimp. I order the chicken at Red Lobster.


I consider myself pretty picky, but within the past 5 years my tastes have really changed. I now love tomatoes & avocados. Whereas before I wouldn't go near them.

I do not like ONIONS. No crunchy bombs for me. I do not like crunchy celery either. I'm not a big condiments person either. No mayo or mustard, plain and dry if you please! I don't like soggy bread anything. Ick to creme brulee, tres leches, tiramisu, bread pudding, & banana pudding.


I don't really consider myself picky, but I am not interested in eating mushrooms or shellfish (no, not even shrimp!). I did eat a lobster roll once, but I managed it mostly because I was that hungry and the roll was covered with butter, lots of butter.


Tuna and beans will leave me gagging and dry heaving if eaten in my presence. V8's will come close to doing the same.

Omega eggs smell too fishy for me.

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