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September 28, 2011


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I went home sick on Monday and only saw a part of it, but it was kind of weird. I caught part where Mario was making pizzas on the golf course and the attempts at humor seemed really force and awkward. And the remote feed had a delay that was just a little too noticeable. The concept is something I want to like though. But since I am almost always at work though, I probably won't ever watch. I'll have to check out their website though.


It's seems to be five very rushed episodes of Emeril Live smooshed into one show, complete with audience tasters, and poor Clinton Kelly is tasked with trying to keep everyone on track. Michael Symon and Mario Batali are overly self congratulatory, with references to their having the most expensive sous chef possible, and lots of "If you wouldn't mind zesting this, Chef" and "No, thank YOU, Chef" flying around. It is ... not so good. Maybe they will develop better flow as they settle in?


I agree it feels weird and rushed and almost like an infomercial with lots of audience applause

Rhonda Delaney

how about some seafood recipes. shrimp and crap would be great

Carol L Jones

July 11, 2012-
Put a lollipop in Michael Simon's mouth; with those sunglasses he would
Look exactly like Kojak- Telly Savalas'' detective character. I live the banter between the hosts- its always fun! Thank you for a refreshing, Informative daytime show!

Dolores Fernandez

I love your show and wanted to ask, are you guys showing reruns already? I hope not. I love making your recipes,and look forward to more new shows for this fall.So I hope you guys are working on some great ones, and love all the guests you have on, keep it up.( Love you guys ) ♥

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