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August 17, 2011


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I live in Arlington! I'm not sure which neighborhood you're in, but here are my favorite restaurants:

Ballston: Buzz Bakery, Rustico, Willow, and Vapiaonos

Clarendon: Harry's Tap Room, Retaurant 3, Liberty Tavern, Eventide, Latasca, Screwtop(wine bar!), Boccato (Gelato!), Circa

Courthouse/Rosslyn: Fireworks, Me Jana, Ray's Hell Burger (OMG! SO GOOD!), Ray's the Steaks

Welcome to Northern Virginia!!


Arlington has so many great bars and restaurants. Definitely check out Liberty Tavern (Clarendon) and, of course, Ray's The Steaks (Courthouse). Tallulah (Washington Blvd) has a great wine list, and Ragtime (Courthouse) has always been one of my favorite bars, especially on live music nights. Such a fun, young area -- enjoy!


Welcome to the 'hood! I agree with all of Arlie's suggestions. Also in Clarendon, Pete's Apizza is great. You also have to check out District Taco (they have a restaurant in Falls Church and a taco cart at the courthouse farmer's market).

Minh's is also great for Vietnamese. And we've got some great local blogs that review restaurants (Clarendon Culture is a good one).


thanks for the suggestions! we're living in ballson between arlington blvd and columbia pike...so far seen a LOT of thai restaurants, which i'm excited about.


Just left Arlington after 10 years! My fav restaurants: Dogfish Head Ale House in Falls Church - amazing beer and really, really good casual food. Eventide in Clarendon. BigBuns in Ballston - great burgers! Restaurant Eve in Alexandria - pricey but our go-to special occasion spot (went there the night I got engaged). Have fun!


We are in Alexandria, very close to you! You already have a lot of great suggestions here. I love the brunch at Liberty Tavern. Lost Dog Cafe at Columbia Pike and Walter Reed is a new favorite for us. Evening Star and Taqueria Poblan in Del Ray are great. Also, the Dairy Godmother in Del Ray has amazing custard!

Make sure you plan to attend Art on the Avenue the first Saturday in October, also in Del Ray. (Can you tell where we spend most of our time.) Tons of great vendors and so much fun!

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