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July 12, 2011


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Anytime I make soup I make a double batch and throw half in the freezer. Then some night down the road when I don't feel like cooking I just chuck my frozen lump of soup into a pan and heat it up. And (like you mentioned about the enchiladas) it doesn't feel like leftovers when it's soup hot off the stove!


One of the women who brought me food after the baby was born did essentially what you did, except she wrapped each one individually. That was you can pull one out if you just want a quick lunch.


Meant to say "that WAY you can pull one out"

Jen L.

I have no ideas or tips, I just wanted to compliment your lovely enchiladas. Tomatillo sauce kinda does it for me.


I make batches of frozen burritos. I sautee onion, peppers, spices and garlic then add cooked chicken (or beef or beans), some rice, grated cheese and some spicy sauce. I roll that up in tortillas, wrap in foil individually and freeze.


Spray the foil with cooking spray so the cheese, sauces, etc. doesn't/don't stick. :)




So, did you ever try going straight from freezer to oven? Did it work?


What about when you need to add red enchilada sauce? Would you poor that over the top just before you bake? If you freeze them with the sauce already on them, will it make them too soggy?

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