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May 03, 2011


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Jen L.

I am a BIG Chick-Fil-A fan. I always crave their lemonade on Sundays when they are CLOSED! This recipe makes my heart happy.


Love this drink!! I'm on weight watchers right now so I get the grilled chicken combo & if I'm not in the mood for the fruit cup, I substitute their chicken noodle soup for the fries. Sooo yummy!


You are a genius! I've vowed to never eat there again because of a few business-type practices that make me want to hurl, so if I can recreate the stuff at home? AWESOME!

The Tutugirl

Yay! I don't eat there anymore for various reasons, but missed the diet lemonade. No more!


So, I have been making this at least twice a week for my little family, and we LOVE this recipe...You are brilliant!

We have also been playing on variations...so far, our favorite is one batch of the lemonade plus one batch of old orchard frozen blueberry pomegranate juice...perfect 'purple lemonade'!

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