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March 15, 2011


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Dawn K.

Whoa. Where can I send you fan mail to? I've known this since childhood as well, and always keep a few cans on hand. As I've tried to move our family toward less processed food, I always felt guilty busting it out. This is absolutely on my weekend meal plan!!!


GENIUS. I grew up on this, too. Haven't thought about it in years but now that you've jogged my memory I'll definitely be making this!


Did you read my mind? I just bought a can of Bean & Bacon soup on Monday!


Yum - I haven't had had that in years!

Kelly P

Bean with Bacon soup is not gross, it's AWESOME! I love to have it with a side of Michigan brand small curd cottage cheese. Is that weird? I will definitely be giving this recipe a go. Thanks!


I searched for this because , like you , I loved this stuff growing up. Problem now is , and maybe even then but didn't know it ,is that they add MSG to it. I'm glad I found your recipe. Thanks for putting this out there !

Jay Tan

I really didn't expect my attempt at following this recipe to come so close to the original as your seemed to do. I ended up making a few modifications, like using turkey bacon and tomato sauce instead of tomato paste, as well as throwing in some fakin' bacon bits, as I didnt trust the turkey bacon to have the same smokey flavor, but it really did taste surprisingly close to the Campbells version. And far more guilt free!

Kudos to you for this recipe!! I've already passed it on to a few friends.

Great tip - For those of you with access to Trader Joes markets, get their Mirapoix (chopped onions, carrots, celery) instead of having to dice those veggies yourself! Saves a bunch of time & hassle.

Samantha Andersen

This recipe made my hubby the happiest guy at the dinner table. I linked your recipe onto my web page. Thanks for the inspiration!

Here is a link to my post.

Mary Turner

Just ate a whole can of Bean With Bacon by myself (I am a little 4'11" lady) It's been
a my favoite, but haven't had in in awhile. As I was enjoying it, I thought "Why couldn't I make this from scrath myself". Alread have the incrediants on hand a plan to fix it tomorrow for my hubby. Thanks for sharing.


And dont forget.......want some soup to go with those crackers????? Love the mush package


I love this soup but can no longer eat the canned version because of the MSG and wheat flour (the small cans have wheat) added to it. I made your recipe today today and let it simmer in the crockpot. I am one happy girl!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


what size cans of beans ?


Hi Doug-

14.5 ounce cans. Enjoy!


Thanks for posting the recipe - this soup was a childhood favourite !

Bill Wais

Thank you for the recipe. I will now be able to enjoy the soup without the sodium.


I LOVE YOU!!!! This is a GREAT recipe. (Followed it exactly the first time, but I've since cut the water down to 1 cup. I also used less than a full can when I did the Campbell's soup.) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Drena Sheppard

Yummy! This will be my dinner on Saturday with a side of cornbread wedges made in one of those fancy cast iron skillets. Thanks for the recipe!

Snow Plow Chef

I made this recipe making only 1 change... replace the chicken stock with ham stock, which i made from holiday ham bones. Excellent!

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